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What is the meaning of feeble?

fee·ble 1. Lacking strength; weak. 2. Indicating weakness. 2. Lacking vigor, force, or effectiveness; inadequate.
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Feeble in a sentence?

1. The old woman was too frail and feeble to walk with no assistance. 2. The war was too short to initiate anything but feeble protest. 3. The giant was a feeble crea ( Full Answer )
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Use feeble in a sentence?

He presented a feeble argument in defence of his views.. She gave a feeble excuse for missing her appointment.. Influenza has left him very feeble.. The pre-dawn light was ( Full Answer )
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Do giraffes have feeble ankles?

The giraffe has so many great qualities, some of which actuallyhelp them in their environment. The giraffe ankle joint has adouble pulley system, giving giraffes terrific flex ( Full Answer )
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What is a feeble executive?

Federalist No. 70. A president who doesn't have "energy" or doesn't do much. Hamilton warned us against them.
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How is a feeble executive dangerous?

A feeble executive is dangerous because they can cause the downfallof a company. A person who is feeble is not well in the mind, sothey are not controlling the company the way ( Full Answer )
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Superstition is the religion of feeble minds?

to be empty minded requires a lot of courage;so people would like to fill it with trash;similarly superstition play the same role!
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How are calm people misunderstood as feeble?

Well the thing is that calm people are more calm as into a situation the answer directs to feeble whatevers but technically calm people are more sophisticated and stronger, br ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a reading from olavo the feeble in Skyrim?

You have to do the quest where you kill Maro's son. If you kill him on the road, you don't get a token to get a reading. If you kill him in a major town, then you'll get the b ( Full Answer )