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What are feeder cattle?

Feeder cattle are young cattle (steers and heifers) that are carrying more weight or condition than stocker cattle and are ready to be put on a "hot" ration (or high-energy ra (MORE)

What is a feeder lamb?

Feeder lambs are lambs that are weaned during the age of 5 - 8 months. They weigh in at around 28 - 40kg (60 - 90 lbs).They are then to be sold to a feedlot for further fatten (MORE)

What are feeder heifers?

Heifers that are being fed and grown for the purpose of being slaughtered for beef.
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What is feederism?

Feederism has nothing to do with birds. It is to worship or support the band Feeder in everyday life. Actually it is a consensual lifestyle where one person makes another per (MORE)

What is a bottom feeder?

When you are talking about fish, ( e.g. catfish and carp) it refers  to the fact that they feed off what has settled on the lake or  stream bed. This has been said to make t (MORE)

What is a feeder calf?

A young bovine that is over 4 to 6 months of age (having been weaned) that is fed forage and grain for growth and weight gain in a drylot until he is ready to be slaughtered. (MORE)

What is epistrate feeder?

epistrate is a general term for (micro)organisms that grow on  surface of differnt substrates. e.g., microscopic algae and  bacteria growing on pebbles or covering the botto (MORE)