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What are feeder cattle?

Feeder cattle are young cattle (steers and heifers) that are carrying more weight or condition than stocker cattle and are ready to be put on a "hot" ration (or high-energy ra (MORE)

What is a feeder calf?

A young bovine that is over 4 to 6 months of age (having been weaned) that is fed forage and grain for growth and weight gain in a drylot until he is ready to be slaughtered. (MORE)

What are bottom feeders?

Fish is a very good source of Protein, Minerals and Vitamins. Fish is also a great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids. Omega-3 Fatty acids are essential fatty acids which cannot be (MORE)
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What is a sessile feeder?

(sponges) animals with no tissue and with no definite body plan; they are sessile (they dont move), and they are filter-feeders; they contain choanocytes, which are flagellate (MORE)

What is a feeder goldfish?

Feeder goldfishes are kept to feed other large fishes So basically they are food for other fishes You can usually get them in a pet store

What is a feeder lamb?

Feeder lambs are lambs that are weaned during the age of 5 - 8 months. They weigh in at around 28 - 40kg (60 - 90 lbs).They are then to be sold to a feedlot for further fatten (MORE)