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How do you get his feelings out?

try being funny getting his mind of it It is hard for guys to verbally express their feelings and at times showing them as well. In order for him to even consider opening up (MORE)

What is a feeling?

Emotional or moral sensitivity (especially in relation to personal principles or dignity); "the remark hurt his feelings"

What is feeling?

Feeling is how someone interacts with other people. Eg. if someone yells at me I would be sad. Sad is one of the feeling that is an popular feeling.
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'feel badly' or 'feel bad'?

You should say "feel bad" if you are talking about feeling sad, remorseful, or physically unwell--where "bad" refers to your state. Feel is a linking verb in this context, and (MORE)
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Who do you feel?

I feel amazing.  Nothing could make sad now because today is a happy day! . ) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n :) \n :D \n (MORE)