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How do you feel good?

If you would discipline your mind to see the good in everything, and good is in everything. If that's all you'll focus and see, then that's all you'll attract. But if you beco (MORE)
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Why do you feel things?

Are we talking physical feelings, or emotional feelings? In the case of physical feelings, the key idea is nerves. Special nerve cells in the body (usually under the skin) a (MORE)

Can you feel when were in Heaven?

Yes. In fact our senses will be heightened and we will enjoy more, be happier, ect. We will still have our bodies but they will be made whole and perfect and immortal, there w (MORE)

How does it feel to sing?

Sing? Sing... Hmm let's see. Singing is praying twice. Singing is a way of expressing How you feel. Singing Is beautiful, Fun, and awesome! Singing is a way to feel confident. (MORE)
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'feel badly' or 'feel bad'?

You should say "feel bad" if you are talking about feeling sad, remorseful, or physically unwell--where "bad" refers to your state. Feel is a linking verb in this context, and (MORE)

What can you do when you feel sad?

Depends what you feel sad about. If you are missing someone just try not to think about them and you'll soon get over it. If someones hurt you in a way try to forget about it (MORE)