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Is the expression fellow colleague redundant?

Yes it is. Colleague means: A fellow member of a profession, staff, academic faculty or other organization; an associate. So substituting the definition for the work colleag (MORE)
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What is poor little black fellow about?

Poor Little Black Fellow is about a young boy who lost his parents before he became a teen and was raised up by a little white town that only was kind to him out of pity for h (MORE)

What is a Fellow in gastroenterology?

I believe a 'fellow' is a student that already has earned his/her MD and is studying (in this case gastrenterology) under a senior MD (again, in this case a gastroenterologist (MORE)
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What is a cardiac fellow?

A doctor of medicine who additionaly graduated from a specialist training course in cardiology or cardiosurgery. In some countries also called 'cardiology specialist' or 'card (MORE)

What is a Distinguished Fellow?

Professional and academic organisations may award Distinguish  Fellowships to individuals considered to have made special  contributions to the fields of interests to those (MORE)