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What does fellow mean?

 Informal a man or boy. "he was an extremely obliging fellow"   synonyms: man, boy; More person, individual, soul; informalguy, character, chap, dude,  hombre; "he's a (MORE)
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What is a yolk fellow?

A partner. A yolk refers to the apparatus used to hook two horses ( or other labor animal) together to pull a plow or carriage or something.

What is a teacher's fellow?

Unfortunately jackiechan here has no clue what a teaching fellow is, and erased the correct answer in favor of his asinine folksy answer instead. to the original poster - pl (MORE)
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What is a cardiac fellow?

A doctor of medicine who additionaly graduated from a specialist training course in cardiology or cardiosurgery. In some countries also called 'cardiology specialist' or 'card (MORE)

Who is a fellow?

A fellow is a somewhat old-fashioned term for a man, similar to "chap" or "guy." In more formal usage it can mean a member of an academic society, such as a college.
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How do you spell Fellowes?

The surname is seen as Fellowes and as Fellows. The common plural noun is fellows (guys).
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What is a Distinguished Fellow?

Professional and academic organisations may award Distinguish  Fellowships to individuals considered to have made special  contributions to the fields of interests to those (MORE)
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How we can define a fellow?

noun  noun: fellow; plural noun:  fellows     1.    informal  a man or boy.  "he was an extremely obliging fellow"      synonyms:  man, boy; More (MORE)