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What is a 'femme fatale'?

A femme fatale is a dangerous woman, often mysterious and seductive. More specifically, she is an alluring and seductive woman whose charms, beauty and sexual allure ensnare (MORE)

What is Querelle des Femmes?

  The "quarrel" was, in the sixteenth century, a literary and philosophical debate -- largely among men -- about the intellectual and amorous capabilities of women. Now th (MORE)
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What is Covert racism?

The word covert means hidden. A person may not admit to being a racist, or might claim to be racially tolerant, yet still may commit acts of racial discrimination, such as for (MORE)

What is covert behaviour?

Covert means hidden. It's when someone's hiding their true feelings (usually if someone has bad intentions) but pretends to be nice, I think.   Sneaky and underhanded would (MORE)

What is covert behavior?

this is a behaviour whereby men or women hide their feelings concerning ceratin things, especially in a relationship Answer It generally means disguising, hiding, shelter (MORE)

What does covert means?

The word covert has many meanings. It can mean a type of brush  where game can hide. It can also mean the feathers that cover the  base of the main flight tail on birds. It (MORE)

You want to seprate from my femely?

You want to separate from your family? Well, I'm not sure what the reasons are, but I do have to tell you that you should not make this decision lightly. All families have pro (MORE)

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