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Can a cheetah fend off leopards?

Generally the answer to your question is no. Cheetah lost all theirweight as they evolved to run fast. They are now extremely lightand are no match for a leopard. Indeed leopa (MORE)

In Vocabulary deification for fend?

I am sorry to say that I do not understand what you are asking. . 'Deification' is the Christian doctrine that humanity's divine destiny is to be joint heirs with Christ and (MORE)

Fend in a sentence?

Fend is no longer used very much, but here are two places you might see it (it generally means to ward off, to repel, to keep something away from oneself): Because he no lo (MORE)

How do you fend against wild animals?

When it comes to defending yourself against wild animals, it depends on the type of animal your up against. If the animal is a small snake, using a stick and striking it can (MORE)

What are the different tenses for the word fend?

{All for third person singular} Simple present indicative: it fends Progressive present indicative: it is fending Intensive or interrogative present: it does fend, does it fen (MORE)

How do you fend a bully?

their is no way without aggravating him more. physically attacking/ self defense will get you in trouble due to zero tolerance rules. just look him or her in the eyes till the (MORE)

How do vertebrates fend off pathogens?

Vertebrate animals have something called an immune system. It consists of several types of white blood cells. They work in tandem to detect pathogens, then engulf them or atta (MORE)