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What animals are born to fend for themselves?

Well there are a lot but I will tell only som eto give you an idea. Alligators when they get to a certain age their mother leaves them, frogs leave their tadpoles , last, Sea (MORE)
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Fend in a sentence?

Fend is no longer used very much, but here are two places you might see it (it generally means to ward off, to repel, to keep something away from oneself): Because he no lo (MORE)
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How do you fend against wild animals?

When it comes to defending yourself against wild animals, it depends on the type of animal your up against. If the animal is a small snake, using a stick and striking it can (MORE)
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What are the different tenses for the word fend?

{All for third person singular} Simple present indicative: it fends Progressive present indicative: it is fending Intensive or interrogative present: it does fend, does it fen (MORE)
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What year did best fend come out?

I'm assuming you made a typo.. if you mean the movie My Best Fiend.. then that was 1999
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How do you fend a bully?

their is no way without aggravating him more. physically attacking/ self defense will get you in trouble due to zero tolerance rules. just look him or her in the eyes till the (MORE)
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How can you fend off a vampire?

It matters on the vampire. Some are scared of religious iteams, silver things, sunlight, and sometimes garlic
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What has the author Helmut Fend written?

Helmut Fend has written: 'Schulklima' -- subject(s): Educational sociology, Interaction analysis in education 'Gesellschaftliche Bedingungen schulischer Sozialisation' -- (MORE)