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What is fennel oil?

There are two types of fennel one is sweet and the other is bitter the essential oil is collected from the roots seeds and leaves by steam distillation Florence fennel is popu ( Full Answer )
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What is fennel?

Aromatic seeds and feathery leaves of the perennial plant, Foeniculum vulgare, used to flavour a variety of dishes, a spice..
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How do you cut fennel?

The best way to prepare fennel is to slice off the rootlevel with the base of the fennel globe, remove any damaged or unsightly stalks, cut the tops off about 2 or 3 inches ab ( Full Answer )
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What is the taste of fennel?

fennel bulb taste a little like black licorice, the leaves do too only less . Its a fresh clean taste. Give it a taste before you use it .
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Does fennel seeds come from fennel?

Fennel seeds do come from the fennel plant. The bulbs, foliage, andseeds of the fennel plant can be eaten.
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What are the benefits of fennel?

Fennel can: . Fight free radicals . Fennel contains its ownunique combination of phytochemicals, including the flavonoidsrutin, quercitin, and various kaempferol glycosides ( Full Answer )
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What is related to a fennel?

Fennel and its near relatives is commonly found as a spice for food. A close relative is Hemlock, quite poisonous. Other relatives in the family include the Parsnip and Anise ( Full Answer )
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How did fennel originate?

Fennel originated throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Its Greekname, marathon, means "grow thin," reflecting the ancient belief infennel's ability to suppress appetite. The to ( Full Answer )
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Can cats have fennel?

The plant dog daisy, sometimes called dog fennel, is deadly tocats. However, the fennel used in cooking is generally safe forcats to consume.
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How do you prepare fennel?

To prepare fennel you will need to trim the leaves off the bulb andthen chop the vegetable in desired sizes.