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Issues of ferdinand marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos sent Philippine troops to fight in the Vietnam  War, although most people in the Philippines were against the war.  Another issue was the controversy over t (MORE)

Accomplishment of Ferdinand Marcos?

For more than 20 years (Dec. 30, 1965 – Feb. 25, 1986) Ferdinand Marcos   ruled the Philippines. He promised to make the nation great again in his   inaugural speech (MORE)

What is the legacy of Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos built infastracture more than any president combined. Most notably Heart Center, Kidney center, lung center, cultural center of the philippines, san juanico b (MORE)

Is Ferdinand marcos is still alive?

Yes he is ,and that he is in China with his family(he is a 75% Chinese blooded by the way ) he is now 92 years old and that currently in Manila as he wants to die in here. Thi (MORE)
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Who is angel ferdinand marcos?

Angel Ferdinand Marcos is a criminal. He is a con man that has been  stealing money from people by saying he is the illegitimate son of  a president.
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Who was Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos was a strongman who was president of the  Philippines from 1965 to 1986.