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What is surface fermentation?

Surface fermentation refers to those fermentations in which the microorganisms utilised grows on the surface of the fermentation media.Examples being citric acid surface ferme (MORE)
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How do you ferment grapes?

Unadulterated grape juice at temps between 65-100 degrees f will usually naturally ferment to wine with no help at all in about a week. After pressing the juice out of the g (MORE)

Are mushrooms fermented?

Pickling and fermenting is a practice that's used to preserve a whole host of vegetables. While mushrooms can shrink and even dissolve entirely during the process, it is possi (MORE)

What is ferment?

  Answer   The breakdown of complex organic materials into simpler substances by microorganisms. This process produces energy. An example would be the breakdown of s (MORE)
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What are tower fermenters?

Tower fermenters are simple in design and easy to construct. They consist of a long cylindrical vessel with an inlet at the bottom, an exhaust at the top, and a jacket to (MORE)

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What is the definition of fermentation?

Fermentation is the process by which cells release energy (ATP) under anaerobic conditions . Several major products of fermentation are ethanol, lactic acid, and hydrogen gas. (MORE)
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What is Dual Fermentation?

  A method of continuous product formation using at least two continuous fermentation units and a microorganism capable of being induced, in response to environmental cond (MORE)
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Fermentation in chemiosmosis?

No, fermentation and chemiosmosis are completely different processes; after glycolysis, these processes will occur depending on the presence of oxygen. Chemiosmosis would occu (MORE)