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What is a fermionic condensate?

 A fermionic condensate is a superfluid phase formed by fermionic  particles at low temperatures. It is closely related to the  Bose-Einstein condensate, a superfluid phas (MORE)
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What is Fermionic repulsion pressure described by quantum mechanics?

  Fermions are particles with half spin for example, electrons. Pauli's exclusion principle states that no more than two fermions can occupy the same energy state. from Qu (MORE)

What is boson and fermion?

Bosons and Fermions are parts of Quaternion Electronic Particles. The Boson is the Quaternion Scalar part and the Fermion is the Quaternion Vector part. Quaternions are four d (MORE)

What is the difference between a boson and a fermion?

  * The spin. A fermion has a spin amount as a fraction, i.e. 5/2. But for a boson, the spin is an integer, i.e. 3.  * Its structure. The fermion has mass and is found so (MORE)

What are fermions made of?

I think perhaps your confused here somewhat. A fermion is a particle which obeys the Pauli exclusion principle; put simply two fermions can not be in the same state (i.e. have (MORE)