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What is a Ferris wheel?

A wheel that looks similar to the London eye, you find them at fairs. It is a giant metal wheel with seats around it for entertainment at fairgrounds

What is a ferry?

A ferry (or ferryboat ) is a form of transportation, usually a boat , but sometimes a ship , used to carry (or ferry ) primarily passengers, and sometimes vehicles and c (MORE)

How do you ferry a current?

In order to ferry a current you need to point your boat an an angle across the river and pointing upstream. The stronger the current the more you will have to point upstream. (MORE)
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What do ferries do?

A ferry is a type of boat that carries passengers and/or freight across a small distance of water.
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What is a toll ferry?

It is a large, flat-decked boat that takes you and/or your car across a body of water from point A to point B - for a price (a "toll").
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Can hopes be ferried?

Yes, your hopes can be ferried. The word 'ferry' is used for 'being delivered across a stretch of water.' So, your hopes could be delivered from a land to America, or somethi (MORE)
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What is non-ferris?

If you are asking about metals, non ferrous metals are bronze, copper, brass, silver, gold, lead. They do not spark.
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Is a ferry efficient?

It depends on the country you're talking about. For example, a ferry in Norway is very efficient (sometimes the only way of travelling to a certain area) but not in Portugal. (MORE)