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How do you use the word fervor in a sentence?

(fervor is a state of great emotion, intensity, or belief.) "He spoke with great fervor about his accomplishments in the face of adversity." "Due to the work of the missio (MORE)

A sentence with fervor?

A sentence with fervor may include: King George IV caused great fervor with the Patriots. Fervor is an intense feeling, like a fevor, that makes you want to act out or mak (MORE)

Name the wave of religious fervor in the early 1800?

i just took the test i only got one rong but it shows the right one... i go to connetions acadimy to. 1. In the 1800s, there was a wave of religious fervor known as the (1 p (MORE)

Why did religious fervor of new England puritans decline after 1660?

There are several reasons for the decline of the Puritans. The Puritan way of life was very demanding. It became impossible for successive generations to go on sustaining conc (MORE)

Can you use fervor in a sentence?

Here is a sample sentence/paragraph for you using the word fervor. Bill did his gardening with great fervor and effort because he loved his roses and other flowers. His wif (MORE)