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Does Kentucky bluegrass or fescue grass have a thicker denser blade?

Kentucky Bluegrass will have more density in the blade and be a thicker grass, but not by much. Bluegrass also requires cooler weather and more shade, so if you live in a hot, (MORE)
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How do you kill Bermuda grass and crabgrass in fescue?

Partial Answer Crab Grass can be killed using a product from They sell a post emergent and a pre-emergent solution. Works great without damaging fescue. No (MORE)
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What is the rough fescue genus species?

Rough fescue is also known as Festuca scabrella. It is a nativeprairie grass that is common to the prairies of Alberta, Canada. Itis limited to the Northern Great Plains in th (MORE)
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What herbicide kills Bermuda grass but not fescue?

Ornamec over the top by PBI/ Gordan will kill Bermuda in fescue & Zoysia grass. Using it on Fescue is best done in the spring when Bermuda starts actively growing & just befor (MORE)
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How tall is tall fescue grass?

Fescues range from small grasses only 10 cm tall or less with very fine thread-like leaves less than 1 mm wide, to tall grasses up to 2 m tall with large leaves up to 60 cm (2 (MORE)
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What is the recommended mowing height for tall fescue lawn?

In the spring, the recommended mowing height for Tall fescue grass would be 2 inches. In the summer raise your mower blade so that the height of the grass is 3 inches. You las (MORE)
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What are some lawn diseases on fescue?

The diseases YOU will be prone to depends on your climate, and the variety of fescue. However the most important diseases for fescues are; Pink Snow Mold, Brown Patch and Pyth (MORE)
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What herbicide kills weeds in fine fescue?

Dicamba, mecoprop, triclopyr, and 2,4-D are herbicides that kill weeds in fine fescue. The best known fine fescue is red fescue ( Festuca rubra ) because of fine leaves for so (MORE)