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What do they do at a festival?

well there are many things you could at a festival from helping to enjoying the festival.
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Desert rock festival is a festival about .?

The Desert Rock Festival in Dubai is about celebrating a variety ofstyles of rock music. The festival was canceled in 2010 and has notbeen offered since then.
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Where is the festival of Passover?

Passover is a holiday that is celebrated by Jews all over theworld. The holiday itself is observed in the home and synagogue.
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What is the ostern festival?

Easter I'm told Easter is very much the same where it is celebrated, except for a few local customs.
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What festivals do they have in Brazil?

they have 1:the festival of the fruits (El Festival de Las Frutas) to celebrate the abundant amount of fruit they have 2:rare animal festival9 El Festival de Los Animales)to c ( Full Answer )
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Which of the festivals is called the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival is traditional Chinese New Year. It is Jan-1st of lunar calender. It is not fixed with a special day in solar calender, but mostly is in January or Februar ( Full Answer )
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When they penagbenga festival or flower festival?

At the penagbenga festival we catch rabbits wrap them in flowers and soak them in gas and light them on fire and let them run through the town
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What is festively?

Festively means pertaining to or suitable for a feast or a festival. Example: Festive party hall; We walked down the street festively