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What is opcode fetch?

The process of transferring instruction codes from memory location to instruction queue register is called opcode fetch.
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What is a fetch wave?

  The Fetch of a wave is the distance over open water over which the wind has blown (further it has travelled, the larger the wave.)

What is fetching in microprocessor?

1) Fetch is the first of two stages involved in computer processing. The processor operates by processing instructions in what is called the "fetch/execute cycle." The process (MORE)

Your cat plays fetch is this normal?

Generally, cats dont fetch things. If a cat is brought up around dogs then sometimes they will learn to copy. I have a siamese. she lived with dogs for a bit but they were gua (MORE)

How can you teach a pet mouse to fetch?

No. Mice have ADHD and it is hard to keep their attention for more that a few minutes. If you want to teach a rodent to fetch you probably should consider a rat...not to menti (MORE)

Do shih tzu's play fetch?

Yes, shih-tzu's do play fetch. Although they sometimes lose interest, and do not bring it back. They are a stubborn breed so they may refuse to fetch it at all. but in all the (MORE)

What is a sentence for fetched?

I tested the dogs to see which would have fetched the frisbee the fastest. He fetched a pail of water!
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