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What do you call someone with a cardboard fetish?

The predilection is known as cardboardphilia and a person who exhibits cardboardphilia is commonly called a cardboardphile although the more technically correct term is cardbo (MORE)
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Ways to satisfy a foot fetish?

Hope you find one of the many women who are mature enough to be uninhibited about a man worshipping her feet.
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What is fetish?

A raw definition of a fetish is something that turns you on. For example, wearing leather or fishnets turns you on. A fetish could also mean that you have a very strong liking (MORE)
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Is there a STD fetish?

Yes. Some people enjoy getting as much genital diseases as possible and let them flourish. They're the same kind of people who go to specially organized parties to contract AI (MORE)
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Why do you have a trample fetish?

  Great question. I believe that when I was young, my older sister and babysitters (most of whom I had a crush on), used to play by stepping on my stomach. It started out (MORE)
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How do you tell someone about your foot fetish?

  You don't really have to tell anyone about you sexual preferance's , ( except your partner ) while your rubbing her feet give her toe a little kiss, just to see what rea (MORE)

What is navel fetishness?

I actually have a navel fetish... I'm under control with it, if I don't think of it for long. But I love the navel. I'll play with it, if I see one. My little sisters use to n (MORE)
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How do you end a fetish?

Generally speaking, you don't. If the fetish is harmless and controlled, relax and enjoy it. If the fetish is harmful (hurting other people or yourself, exposing yourself to t (MORE)
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How do you control a fetish?

As long as the fetish isn't harmful in any way, it doesn't need to be controlled. However, if you really want to stop the behavior a counselor or therapist could probably help (MORE)