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Is a fetus a baby?

Yes, a fetus is a baby. Not one hundred percent developed, however. One definition of a Foetus is an unborn or unhatched vertebrate in the later stages of development showing (MORE)
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Where does the fetus get their blood?

The blood is "grown" by the fetus along with the organs and bones. The fetal blood supply is separate from the mother's. The two blood systems interact through the placenta - (MORE)

Do you have a funeral for a fetus?

Something similar would be a funeral mass, etc peformed for a still born child, which might be considered a Fetus. The child is baptized, and as that implies, given a Christia (MORE)

Does a fetus have a soul?

Answers to this questions are unfortunately going to be more opinion then actual answers. Because, let's face it, not everyone believes the same things. Some believe that as s (MORE)
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What is johnny fetus?

Johnny Fetus is a game that you have to play with your xbox 360 remote (I dont know how to play) but what you do is if one fetus gets to much food it explodes and a fetus is k (MORE)

When does a fetus get its gender?

The fetus gets its gender at conception. If the egg is fertilizedwith a Y chromosome, the fetus is a male. If it is fertilized withan X chromosome, it is female