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What painter painted the fetus cries?

Matthew Thompson DISCOVERED that a foetus cries and in 1996 painted  a picture of same....Matthew painted many paintings of similar  theme...ROCK and Roll Future Babe is so (MORE)

What is the function of umbilical vein in fetus?

  The function of the umbilical vein is to deliver oxygenated blood from the placenta to the fetus. From the placenta, the umbilical vein courses through the liver via th (MORE)

Where does the fetus get their blood?

The blood is "grown" by the fetus along with the organs and bones. The fetal blood supply is separate from the mother's. The two blood systems interact through the placenta - (MORE)

Why do not maternal antibodies attack the fetus?

Recall that antibodies aren't really what the fetus would be concerned about, as they are targeted by the b (plasma B) cells from whence they came to a specific antigenic sequ (MORE)

How do the bones form in the fetus?

The compact bone in the diaphysis of a long bone forms a rigid tube with a hollow ... In the fetus, most of the skeleton is made up of cartilage, a tough, Osteoblasts do not m (MORE)