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Who was involved in feudalism?

Feudalism was a national economic organizational system. Anyone who lived in a feudal society contributed to feudalism in the same way that anyone who lives in a capitalist so ( Full Answer )
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What is feudalism or a feudal system?

The 'feudal system' is a political, economic and social system that was in place throughout much of medieval Europe. It includes factors like; Serfdom, cottage industry agricu ( Full Answer )
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What is a feudal government?

Feudal government was an unfair system used in ancient times Feudalism involves a hierarchy consisting of a king, nobles, and peasants. The king grants land to the nobles and ( Full Answer )
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Who founded feudalism?

Feudalism had taken root on the European continent at a time when no central government was strong enough to keep order. Under the circumstances, nobles had to rely on their o ( Full Answer )
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What is a feudal manor?

it probably comes from the "feudal system" which basically goes like this: the king serves god,barons serve the king,knights serve the barons,pheasants serve the knights ect ( Full Answer )
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What is feudalism?

.A political system resembling the one in the middle ages. A group that controls part of kingdoms. Also power over few or many workers. ------------------------------------ ( Full Answer )
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What were the effects of feudalism?

Feudalism was a system that provided a distribution of power from the king down to the lowest levels of society, what was called the feudal pyramid. This worked fairly well to ( Full Answer )
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What it feudalism?

Eurpean feudalism is where there is a monarch who gives fiefs of land to lords an vassals, who in turn give land to peasants and knights. You could call it a higherarchy.
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Definitions of Feudalism?

Feudalism is simply the exchange of land (fief), between the nobles(lords) and the knights (vassals) for military protection.
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What is feudalalism?

economic/social system that existed up until the Black Plague/Enlightenment era. Simply put is the absence of the middle class. You had land owners (nobles) and land worker ( Full Answer )