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What does a fever do?

Quite often a fever is a signal that something abnormal is going on within the body, but its not ALL bad. It is also a signal that the body attack functions and working to fig (MORE)
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Who is fever?

  Fever is a famous club penguin whom is "important" to others on club penguin.
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What to do when you have fever?

Go to the Doctor! A fever is when you body has totally had enough! Your body heats up because it knows colds live in cold climates. So its last resource is to heat up. I would (MORE)
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Can you get a fever?

Of course. People get fevers when you get a cold of the flu (influenza) and you don't do anything about it. Like, if you don't take medicine or keep warm, OR if you get the fl (MORE)
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What to do if you have fever?

There are two options: Sweat it out and get it over with faster, but with much discomfort, or take a fever reducer like ibuprofin or Tylenol and prolong it for another day o (MORE)

What do you do about a fever?

1. Measure your temperature with a digital thermomether. 2. If your temperature is higher than 37.6 degree celcius, take some medication. 3. Get enough rest, 4. If symptoms pe (MORE)
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What do you do if you have fever?

Eat warm foods like soup with lots of vegetables in it, and get lots of sleep. Also, it is sometimes good to have icecream when sick.
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