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What to do if you have fever?

There are two options: Sweat it out and get it over with faster, but with much discomfort, or take a fever reducer like ibuprofin or Tylenol and prolong it for another day o (MORE)
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What to do about a fever?

Get as much sleep as you can and if you cant sleep lie down and rest and try to get to sleep            Fever is our body's natural reaction to (MORE)
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What to do when you have fever?

Go to the Doctor! A fever is when you body has totally had enough! Your body heats up because it knows colds live in cold climates. So its last resource is to heat up. I would (MORE)

How do you have fever?

A fever, or pyrexia, is a rise in internal body temperature to levels that are considered to be above normal. Body temperature is determined by the body's thermoregulatory set (MORE)
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What does yellow fever do?

Yellow Fever begins with a severe headache, sensitivity to light and a sense of apprehension (that something bad is going to happen). Then the fever begins and terrible body a (MORE)
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When do you have fever?

  You are considered to have a fever when your body temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit).
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What does a fever do?

Quite often a fever is a signal that something abnormal is going on within the body, but its not ALL bad. It is also a signal that the body attack functions and working to fig (MORE)
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Can a fever cause fever blisters?

A fever does not cause fever blisters, just like a cold doesn't cause cold sores (they are the same thing) but if infected with the Herpes Simplex I virus, a person's immune s (MORE)
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Fever what do you do?

Fevers lead to loss of liquid through sweating - This means you need a lot of fluids (water mostly) to replace the liquid you are lossing.  Apart from that plenty of rest and (MORE)
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In dengue fever what is fever subsides?

Not sure what this question is asking by the wording. Are you asking how high the fever is for dengue fever? Because it's as high as 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit. The meaning o (MORE)