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Who is Tina Fey?

Tina Fey is a comedian from NBC's Saturday Night Live . She portrays vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the show.. She wrote the teen comedy Mean Girls , which is a (MORE)

Who was yuen fei?

I guess you mean YUE FEI.He was a national hero of Chinese people in the Song Dynasty.He was an excellent military commander and his army was almost formidable.He protected hi (MORE)

Who is Zhang Fei?

He is one fo the strongest warriors in the game Dynasty Warriors, but also in real life, in the history of China. He is the sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu and is a alcoh (MORE)

Who is Felicity Fey?

Felicity Fey was an 18 year old model when she has started with her photos and vids on the net (2004). She had never done any hardcore. This is from her website: Age: 18 (MORE)
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What does fey mean?

Fey can mean supernatural or otherworldly ; below is a link to the definition .

What rhymes with fei?

That depends on how you pronounce fei. If it is like fay, then these words should rhyme with it: bay day fay gay hay jay lay May nay pay quay ray say stay spay slay splay sta (MORE)