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What does FIAT stand for?

FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili do Torino, which means "Italian Automotive factory of Turin", a commercial enterprise since 1899. Humorous Car Acronym FIAT = F (MORE)

Fiat in a sentence?

Fiat can have two meanings depending on context. Fiat regards the  model of a compact car found across the world. Fiat also has the  meaning of a currency that is not backed (MORE)
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What is God's fiat?

The world, creation, fiat means to command something to be done and have it doen without effort or even material. "In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.... (MORE)

What is executive fiat?

You must understand what fiat is first. This is money that is backed by nothing of any intrinsic value. Our currency for instance is no longer backed by gold, instead it is ba (MORE)

Does a Fiat have a backseat?

The Fiat coupes all have back seats with factory belts, same for the Brava's and Lancia's, although the Lancia Zagita only has leg room for a very small child. The 124 Spider (MORE)

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