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What is a fiddle?

I have seen, on this site, several answers which make the violin and the fiddle identical instruments. In fact, my teacher, Boris Schwarz, used to call his instrument a fiddle (MORE)

What is fiddling?

The saying is that, " Fiddles dance while violins sing". The only real difference in fiddling and playing the violin is the type of music that is played. Some people would add (MORE)

When was the fiddle popular?

Throughout the 10th to 12th century Europe __ It's still popular. The fiddle, or violin, is used in many styles of music today. Celtic music relies quite heavily on th (MORE)

What is a fiddle spider?

A fiddle spider(also called the violin spider or the brown recluse) is a medium-sized venomous spider of North America. It is easily recognized by the violin shape on its abdo (MORE)
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Can you fiddle on the viola?

Absolutely! Fiddling is a technique that can be performed on any bowed string instrument. Although it is generally associted with the violin, there are many fiddle tunes for t (MORE)
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Why is fiddle used in as fit as a fiddle?

Fit as a Fiddle - in good health; in fine shape origin: This expression dates from at least the 1600s. A fiddle that is fit is well-tuned and in good shape and can play terri (MORE)