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What is the Cat and the Fiddle about?

There seems to be a lot of debate, and the experts can't decide, but suggest it's probably just nonsense for kids. . See the Related Links below for information about this rh ( Full Answer )
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What is a fiddle?

I have seen, on this site, several answers which make the violin and the fiddle identical instruments. In fact, my teacher, Boris Schwarz, used to call his instrument a fiddle ( Full Answer )
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What is fiddling?

The saying is that, " Fiddles dance while violins sing". The only real difference in fiddling and playing the violin is the type of music that is played. Some people would add ( Full Answer )
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When was the fiddle popular?

Throughout the 10th to 12th century Europe __ It's still popular. The fiddle, or violin, is used in many styles of music today. Celtic music relies quite heavily on th ( Full Answer )
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Is fiddled a word?

it is used for slang... for example " I fiddled your sister in the pool the other day"
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What is a fiddle spider?

A fiddle spider(also called the violin spider or the brown recluse) is a medium-sized venomous spider of North America. It is easily recognized by the violin shape on its abdo ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with fiddles?

The following words rhyme with fiddles: . Skittles (candy) . Whittles . Riddles . Griddles . Piddles
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Can you fiddle on the viola?

Absolutely! Fiddling is a technique that can be performed on any bowed string instrument. Although it is generally associted with the violin, there are many fiddle tunes for t ( Full Answer )
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What is a fiddle made out of?

wood for the main body and bridge - they used cat gut for many years for the strings but now they use synthetic gut.
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Why is fiddle used in as fit as a fiddle?

Fit as a Fiddle - in good health; in fine shape origin: This expression dates from at least the 1600s. A fiddle that is fit is well-tuned and in good shape and can play terri ( Full Answer )