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What is the advantages of Fidelio?

A Guest can make online reservation. If a reservation is made online than the Hotel does not have to pay commission to the travel agent. · Minimal technical demands, sta (MORE)

What is Fidelio?

Fidelio (Op. 72) is a German opera in two acts by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is Beethoven's only opera. The German libretto is by Joseph Sonnleithner from the French of Jean-Nic (MORE)

What is the disadvantages of fidelio software?

ADVATAGES . Guest Online booking can be done Can save time as online booking is faster Quick check-in can be done All hotel information at finger tip. Can cut dow (MORE)
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What does FIDELIO stand for?

Fidelio is a German opera by Ludwig van Beethoven. The opera tells how Leonore, disguised as a prison guard named "Fidelio", rescues her husband Florestan from death in a poli (MORE)
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What is mean by Fidelio?

'Fidelio' is the name Leonore took in her successful attempt to rescue her husband in Beethoven's opera 'Fidelio'.
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What are fidelio and faust?

Two words, both of which begin with the letter "f". the first of which sounds sincerely boring. The latter word, sounds like it would definitely appeal to my Dorian Gray side. (MORE)
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Who was the composer of the opera Fidelio?

Fidelio was Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera. He worked and re-worked the opera and its overture many times. It is considered a masterpiece of German Romantic Opera.
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What type of entertainment is a fidelio?

Fidelio was Ludwig von Beethowven's only opera composed solely by himself. Fidelio also refers to a musical app which can be installed on the iOS and Android systems.