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How many towns named Salisbury?

In the USA, there are eleven places known as Salisbury: Salisbury, Alaska Salisbury, Connecticut Salisbury, Maryland Salisbury, Massachusetts Salisbury, Missouri Sa (MORE)

What is Salisbury Cathedral made out of?

Salisbury Cathedral, like other cathedrals, is made of quarry  stone.    It is made of Limestone, which was taken from the Teffont Evias  quarry in Wiltshire. this qu (MORE)

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What does a Salisbury accent sound like?

  The short answer is...there isn't one! Obviously almost everywhere people speak very slightly different, but there is no particular, known regional accent for Salisbury, (MORE)

What is the closest airport to Salisbury MD?

The closest major airport to Salisbury, Maryland is Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport (SBY / KSBY). This airport is about 7 driving miles from the center of Salis (MORE)