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What stocks are in the fox fifty?

Amazon / American Express / Apple / AT&T / Bank of America / Best Buy / Boeing / CBS / Chevron / Citigroup / Coca Cola / Colgate Palmolive / Comcast / COSTCO / Deere / Dell / (MORE)

What are fifty words to describe dogs?

Dogs are many things. All dogs are different, but there are lots of words to describe everyone. Playful, Energetic, Amazing, Smart, Obedient, Fluffy, Loud, Big, Small, Quiet, (MORE)
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What is the answer to Fifty-four percent of 60?

54% of 60   = 54% * 60   = 0.54 * 60   = 32.4
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What adjective is correct lovelier or more lovely?

This is how the rules go: 1) if your adjective has just one syllable, it is a short adjective. Add -er to all short adjectives to form their comparative of superiority and (MORE)
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What is a stone?

A stone is a rock. It is also a British unit of weight equal to 14  pounds.
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Is marriage fifty fifty?

ideally, yes. but you could say it's more like 100 100. both parties should give every effort to sustaining it by communication, companionship, moral support, trust, and l (MORE)