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How do you figure out interest?

There are two types of interest, simple and compound: Simple Interest is calculated by p*r*t where, p = principal (original amount invested) r = interest rate for one (MORE)
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Where to skylanders figures from?

You could find them in stores like Walmart, Target, or Toys' R Us. You could also find them online like on E-bay, Amazon, or Craigslist. Beware, that some of them are not rele (MORE)
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What are provisional figures?

  'Provisional' means 'in expectation of' or 'a very close estimate'. Thus, provisional figures will be initial results that may not be totally, 100% exactly the same as f (MORE)

What is spatial figures?

A spatial figure is one that is three dimensional, it is that simple. examples of spatial figures are the cylinder, cube, and some shapes in which u think that you can put som (MORE)

How do you get to be on Figure It Out?

If you have a cool talent and are between the ages of 10 and 15 you  can apply to be on the show by clicking on the related link below  and letting them know about the talen (MORE)

What is a blocking figure?

  Answer   Blocking figures, otherwise known as spoilsports or killjoys in comedy and satire, are often the most powerful figures in written works. They enforce rules (MORE)

How do you figure area of solid figures?

-- You can only do one solid figure at a time. -- Pick one solid figure to work on. -- Stare at it for a while. In your mind, look at all of its flat faces, even the one (MORE)