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Figuring out who you are?

I'm 66 and still figuring out that one and sometimes I surprise myself! You can't figure out 100% who you are because you are always learning until the day you die. One thing (MORE)

How do you figure out the answer?

how do you get the answer to what percent of 50 is 5? . First you convert the text equation into a more simplified one. 'What percent of 50 ' means if the percentage was c (MORE)

How do you figure out?

I research it, read about it, study on it, ask people who know things, and in the end when i've abandoned all hope of EVER figuring it out... I just ask my wife.

How do you get to be on Figure It Out?

If you have a cool talent and are between the ages of 10 and 15 youcan apply to be on the show by clicking on the related link belowand letting them know about the talent you (MORE)

How do you figure area of solid figures?

-- You can only do one solid figure at a time. -- Pick one solid figure to work on. -- Stare at it for a while. In your mind, look at all of its flat faces, even the o (MORE)