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How do you end a filibuster?

closure, closed rules or guillotine motions Answer: The term is also known as cloture. [kloh-cher]- a method of closing a debate and causing an immediate vote to be (MORE)
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What is filibustering?

Filibustering is when you talk too much in a meeting about something but never getting to the point so that time runs out and the bill isn't passed.
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What is a filibuster?

A long speech that keeps a bill from being voted on (^_-). When politicians will try to stop new laws from being passed bytalking them to death. While this happens in most co (MORE)
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Why do senators filibuster?

The minority party sometimes views the filibuster option as their only hope of preventing a bill from passage in the Senate.
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When is a filibuster used?

A filibuster is a speech made in Congress to deliberately stall andsabotage the proceedings. The longest filibuster was a speech thatlasted 24 hours and 18 minutes.
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What is a filibuster and how can it be stopped?

It's a mechanizism that senators use to delay the vote on a pieceof legislation to which they object. It can be stopped through a3/5ths vote of the senate
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What is the role of the filibuster?

To suspend any action by congress until a wanted goal is achieved.. A filibuster is meant to consume time in legislation to not allow a vote to take place. One party must hav (MORE)
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What is philabusting filibuster?

well you see Philabusting is when you talk for a long time with no propose to delay an organization and now I would like to say every diget of pie that I feel like and talk ab (MORE)
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Who were filibusters?

A filibuster , or freebooter , is someone who engages in an unauthorized military expedition into a foreign country to foment or support a revolution.
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How can a filibuste be stopped?

If 3/5 of the present senate members vote to impose a cloture. This causes the end of speaking, and the senate will then vote on the bill in question.