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What is a filibuster?

  A long speech that keeps a bill from being voted on (^_-)  /       When politicians will try to stop new laws from being passed by  talking them to dea (MORE)

Why do senatorsuse filibusters?

To stop legislation from being passed - there's a limit to how long Congress can debate over a Bill. Talking it to death is a good tactic if the majority of the Senate will su (MORE)

Why is there no filibuster in the house?

Filibusters do not occur in the House because House rules provide  for limited amounts of time for each Representative to speak. In  the Senate, there are no rules regarding (MORE)

What were filibustering expeditions?

A filibuster occurs when a small group of senators take turns speaking and refuse to stop the debate and allow a bill to come to a vote. So filibustering expeditions are whe (MORE)

How does a filibuster work?

In the US Senate, a member has the right to speak for as long as he  or she wants. When the member refuses to give up the floor, it is  called a filibuster. It is often used (MORE)
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Who were filibusters?

A filibuster, or freebooter, is someone who engages in an unauthorized military expedition into a foreign country to foment or support a revolution.