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What are frozen fish fillets?

Frozen fish fillets are fillets of fish that have been cleaned - usually deboned - and frozen very quickly after they are brought from the sea. A "fillet" is a strip of meat t (MORE)
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What is heraldic fillet?

A Heraldic Fillet is not quite a diminutive of a chief - it is a barrulet (a thin bar) conjoined to the bottom of a chief. The yellow portion of this graphic in the Related (MORE)
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Can you eat raw salmon fillets?

You can eat raw salmon fillets. Theoretically, you should also be able to eat super-glue, chimneys, and poisonous frogs, though you might not be able to digest them. Eating ra (MORE)
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How do you clean and fillet catfish?

You hang the catfish on a hook or nail and slice around the head and pull off the skin in strips with Catfish Skinner tool. (They have no scales) you then lay skinned fish on (MORE)

How to cook salmon fillets?

When I cook salmon fillets, I brush them with olive oil and thensprinkle a little seasoning (whatever you like) on them. You canthen grill them or cook them in a pan, generall (MORE)