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What is a filthy sanchez?

Disgusting but, here we go, its when someone puts their finger up their anus and then wipes it across someone else s top lip (A Sanchez being another word for a mustache).
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Who had a filthy stable?

Augeas king of Elis; Herakles accomplished this task given to him by King Eurystheus by diverting the waters of the rivers Alpheus and Peneus to the stables.
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Are pigs filthy?

Pigs are not filthy they just use mud to prevent sunburns and repel bugs. they are so clean that the don't "go" in their sleep.
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Why do Jews think pork is filthy?

They have been forbidden to eat pork according to the teachings oftheir Prophets (May peace be upon them!)
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What are the members of the filthy animals?

The Filthy Animals aren't an active wrestling grupo anymore but  their members were at one point or another Konnan, Rey Mysterio,  Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, Billy K (MORE)
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Are guinea pigs filthy?

If you keep their cage clean, they keep themselves clean. Still, you should wash your hands after handling them.
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