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What is a filthy sanchez?

Disgusting but, here we go, its when someone puts their finger up their anus and then wipes it across someone else s top lip (A Sanchez being another word for a mustache).
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Are pigs filthy?

Pigs are not filthy they just use mud to prevent sunburns and repel bugs. they are so clean that the don't "go" in their sleep.

How do you get me filthy family to care about messes?

When it comes to the kids room the bed is usually sacred. That is a place they want to keep clean. That is why you put the trash in their room along with the vacuum cleaner in (MORE)

Why did god create filthy lesbians?

why did god have to create these type of LOW LIFE WOMEN in the first place? it is bad enough for me as a straight man, that had my wife cheat on me with another woman to make (MORE)

Why do people answer with filthy words on

WikiAnswers has many contributors ranging from young people to old-aged people, and from almost every profession. You should not find any filthy words being used on any answer (MORE)
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Why are pigs often conceived to be filthy?

The first thing people think of when they hear pig is filthy and they are often pictured rolling around in mud. They are conceived this way because they do not have sweat glan (MORE)
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What is the noun of filthy?

The noun form of the adjective 'filthy' is filthiness . The word 'filthy' is the adjective form of the noun filth .