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Who financed the Titanic?

The Titanic was financed by my J.P. Morgan. He was an American  banker, philanthropist, art collector, and financier and during his  time he dominated the world of industria (MORE)

What finance is about?

Finance is the science of funds management. In essence, it's how money is managed. There are 3 general areas of finance: business finance, public finance, and personal finance (MORE)

What is finance?

Finance is the process of providing fund to for a person or  interprise.It can also be applied as financial institution (bank,  credit union, finance company) or another per (MORE)

What is education finance?

Educational finance is the financing of educational institutions  and, depending on their ownership, they can be either privately or  publicly financed. Privately owned inst (MORE)

What is finance why it is?

  The science of the management of money and other assets. Money makes the world turn!
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What is the difference between finance and financing?

Financing is nothing but a complete process or department who works for providing loan or financing aid. Normally in Islamic banking Financing is the preferred word for loan a (MORE)

What the finance?

Finance is the science of funds management. The general areas of finance are business finance, personal finance, and public finance. Finance includes saving money and often in (MORE)

What is finance bill?

Finance Bill with respective to Indian Government. All the tax proposals of the governments for the ensuing financial year are incorporated in a Bill, known as the Finance B (MORE)

What are the functions of finance?

Answer   The five basic corporate finance functions are described as those functions related to;     1) raising capital to support company operations and invest (MORE)

Introduction to Finance?

There are various institutions which have introduction to finance  courses available. For example, there is Coursera that offers  online courses in it.
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