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How can your finance company accept your car payment then refuse to finance you?

  That's ridiculous. This must be an unrepeatable company or you were taken advantage of. Hopefully, you paid in traceable funds (check or money order). More than likely y (MORE)

How do you start a small finance company?

Three  Steps  Assuming your definition of a finance company is a company that  lends money to consumers, the following may be helpful:   1)Find a short term source of c (MORE)

What companies need financing?

All the types of companies needs some form of financing. The  financing of the companies will help it in handling the various  forms of logistics.
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What are the Finance related problems of company?

Some common finance related problems in a company are to do with  cash flow and reinvestment. When a company has too many creditors  and very little cash in hand, it becomes (MORE)

Whats the role of finance department in a company?

The role of the finance department in a company depends a lot on  the size of the company. At the very least, the finance department  will take care of the day to day transa (MORE)

Which finance companys use experian?

Experian is one of the most widely used credit bureaus. Almost all  financial institutions use Experian as a source of credit  information.
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What is the importance of finance companies?

The flow of finance starts on Wall Street with the creation of  capital used to fund business through the issuance of common stock  to provide capital, bonds to lend capital (MORE)