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What does endowment mean?

An endowment is a financial donation. They are most commonly given  to an educational institution, hospital or non profit group. An  endowment can be in the form of funds or (MORE)

What is the difference between endowment and foundation?

"The primary difference between foundations and endowments is that the foundations are established with a pot of money and no further funds are added to it, whereas endowments (MORE)

What is endowment policies?

  Answer   Unlike whole life, an endowment life insurance policy is designed primarily to provide a living benefit and only secondarily to provide life insurance pro (MORE)

What is anticipated endowment insurance?

Anticipating or Participating is same words for insurance policy normally it means the the edowmwent plan will take part in company's profit or loss and and finaly gets bonus (MORE)

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of endowment fund?

Endowment: A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to an institution, usually with the stipulation that it be invested, and the principal remain intac (MORE)
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What is the endowment point for life insurance?

The endowment point for life insurance is usually a fixed date or  death. It is a period of maturity for policy payment.
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How do you use endowment in a sentence?

The noun 'endowment' is a noun, a word for a financial asset, in  the form of a donation made to a non-profit group, institution or  individual; a word for a quality or abil (MORE)