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Did Cartier find what he wanted to find?

  No. Cartier wanted to find a trade route to Asia by going Northwest, because the Spanish went west, and the Portuguese went south. Instead of finding Asia, he found Cana (MORE)

Where can you find biodiversity?

You can find biodiversity anywhere that there is a variation of  life, whether it be genetic, species, or ecosystem variation. Coral  reefs are a great example of ecosystem (MORE)

Where can you find clam?

  Find clams at low tide.....look for a small breathing hole, it kind of looks like a tiny u shaped hole in the sand.....bring a strong stiff garden rake and rake the sand (MORE)

How do you find fairies?

Write to one! Here is an example of a letter you could write. Dear Fairy, My name is .... I am .... years old My favorite things are...... What is your name? How old are yo (MORE)

How do I find out if this girl I find attractive finds me attractive back?

Ok, I don't suggest going to the friend you two have in common because of course the girl will run to the one that you're interested in and tell her.. It's girl code. That's h (MORE)

Where can you find rutile?

The number one place where rutile is found is in Australia. It is  also mined in South Africa as well as in the Ukraine and India.  There is almost no production of rutile i (MORE)

How do you find hamsters?

You can find hamsters by going to a local pet store. Before you go, look online to see if they have guinea pigs or hamsters.
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How do you find theta?

You shoot a cannon with a vi of 18 m/s. You need to get it 16m and  over a 10m wall. The acceleration in the x is 0 and in the y it is  gravity. The question is at what angl (MORE)

How do you find a trust find?

My Father/Grandfather (Grandparents adopted grandchildren) had  trust funds made for us. He died in 1994. Will not probated by his  son( my brother/ father). Said he was tru (MORE)