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Is find an adjective?

No, an adjective is a describing word. Find is a noun  or verb.   The past participle, found, can be an adjective.
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Where do you find salmon?

Salmon live both along the coasts of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and have been introduced into the Great Lakes of North America.
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How do you find the diameter?

The diameter of a circle is the length of a straight line drawn through the center of the circle to its edges. Or, measure the circumference of the circle and divide by pi (3 (MORE)

How do I find out if this girl I find attractive finds me attractive back?

Ok, I don't suggest going to the friend you two have in common because of course the girl will run to the one that you're interested in and tell her.. It's girl code. That's h (MORE)

Where can you find cats?

You can find cats anywhere in the world. Most continents will have some species of wild cat, and the domestic cat is found worldwide. All over the world
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What do you find in a rainforest?

You find a large variety of life in a rain forest. You can find  plants, trees, shrubs, animals, insects, and reptiles.
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Where can you find nobelium?

Nobelium is a trans-uranic element and is made in nuclear reactors  and particle accelerators. It is not found in nature.
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Where can you find applique?

The answer depends on exactly what it is that you want to find. Applique is a type of decorative needlework. It is used on many sorts of clothing, bed linens, quilts, and ever (MORE)