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What is fine sand?

The term sand applies to small grains of rock in a given sizerange, but that range allows for some variation in size. Fine sandis sand with grains toward the small end of that (MORE)
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What is a fine?

A fine is a payment for something.. Examples: A ticket or a late/lost library book.
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Fine thanks and HOW ARE you?

wie hestiu ad talk talk with talk to yr mom teller we had a great time lat night and ioud love too do it AGAIN
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What is you feel fine about?

I don't really know. I guess something you know is right and is pure. Then I guess you can feel fine about that.
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What is the fine for loitering?

The fine for loitering differs from one jurisdiction to another. Loitering is generally considered to be a misdemeanor violation of the law, which can lead to a criminal convi (MORE)
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Do you get fined for littering?

Yes. Usually you are issued a notice of violation (ticket) or occasionally you may be summarily arrested and made to post the fine immediately.
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What are the fines for DUI?

They vary according to the state you live in with one of the main factors being how many duis you previously have or if this is the first. Even first time duis in most states (MORE)