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Are tarantulas cannibals?

Tarantulas are cannibalistic and will very often attack and eat  another one if they are kept together. Their basic diet however  consists of insects.
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Are gerbils cannibal?

No gerbils are not....cannibal I believe that they can be, We had 2 gerbil brothers for almost 3 years- one started to show signs of dying,would not move much and the breathin (MORE)

What is cannibal sandwich?

Lean ground hamburger, eggs, salt, pepper and, onions diced up.  They are all mixed together and served on rye bread with the seeds.  Its popilar in Milwaukee.

Are skunks cannibals?

No. They are omnivores, which means they eat plants and  meat, but the meat usually takes the form of worms, moles and  insects. Only if they would be litterally starving wi (MORE)

Are praire dogs cannibals?

Yes, especially during breeding season. Often, it is lactating mothers that eat their weakest or smallest offspring for food for their other babies and to make sure the strong (MORE)

Is cannibalism detrimental to your health?

  one may contract some rare diseases which can only be transfered by cannibalism but other than that there are no major health issues. bear in mind that cannibalism is on (MORE)

Where did the word cannibal come from?

"Cannibal" comes from the Spanish Canibales, a word first used by Christopher Columbus. During his time in the West Indies, Columbus heard stories about a group of natives who (MORE)