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Why can you not point your middle finger?

It's considered rude and an offense in many cases. It's kind of like calling someone a bad word, only your not saying anything. It means "F*** You" and those words aren't nic (MORE)

Is finger-pointing rude?

Yes, finger pointing is considered to be rude. If you must 'point out' something use polite and brief hand gestures, a nod of your head in the direction of the person or obj (MORE)

What does it mean when someone points with the index finger of one hand whilst the index finger of the other hand is on their nose?

  It means "you got it," "that's it, exactly." It's used while  playing Charades, to let your team members know that the letter,  word, or phrase you just said is what y (MORE)

Why did God give some humans great power and others who point finger none?

  People with extra powers are often wiser than those without. It places us in a world apart. And in our primal roots our race survives by fitting together as a society. T (MORE)