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What do you do after you finish Pokepark?

after you beat mew in skill games chase battle and obstacle hop you can go back finish friends and do the all bonuses in atractions to get cool players like latios metagross c (MORE)

What is damascus finish?

Answer . A damascus finish would be a finish that replicates the look of damascus steel.
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What is hornswoggles finisher?

i think is Tadpole splash, it's actually a frog splash with a diffrent name.   It is tadpole splash. They call it that because hornswoggle really smal and a small frog is (MORE)

What is a finishing artist?

Print finishing artists convert rough designs or drawings prepared by graphic designers into formal art work, ready for reproduction onto different materials

What is a Hollywood Finish?

  Meaning a perfect finish to the movie. e.g they sailed away into the sunset... It just means a wonderfull (hollywood) finish. it's just a saying there isn't actually a s (MORE)
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How do you finish a lanyard?

A person can finish a lanyard by tying the strings into a tightknot. This insures that that lanyard will not come apart and ifbeads are present, they will not fall off.
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Is finish a noun?

Yes, the word finish is a noun (finish, finishes) and a  verb (finish, finishes, finished, finishing). The word  finish is also used as an adjective.    Examples:  (MORE)

Who finished the crusades?

At the close of the 13th century, the crusades came to an end.  Emperor Fredrick the Second claimed Jerusalem for a short time  through a treaty, but the Holy City quickly f (MORE)