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What is a finisher?

  A finisher is a special move that a wrestler uses to "finish" their opponent  it is supposed to be either a created move with a specific given name from that superstar (MORE)
In Halo

How do you finish halo3?

Here there be spoilers* In the final level, after you destroy Guilty Spark, you and arbitor must escape to the ship with the provided warthog. If the ship is reached the fin (MORE)

What is finish?

To finish is a verb meaning that you have done something and you have completed it. The noun finish is the completion of a project, or the end line of a race. Finish as a no (MORE)

Is finishs a plural form of finish?

No, look at the way you spelled it. You can tell it isn't right. It is finish, finishes, or finished. There is no plural, but tense. Past, present, and future tenses.
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Is finishings a plural form for finishing?

Yes. But the word finishing is a gerund that normally is not a numbered noun. Only where it applied to multiple completions of processes could it be plural.
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