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What are fires?

Fires are natural disasters they can occur when lightning attacksthe trees causing the trees to burn and light. some fires are litpurposely and some are just natural hazards. (MORE)
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What is a fire?

Fire is a rapid oxidation process that creates light, heat andsmoke, and varies in intensity. It is commonly used to describeeither a fuel in a state of combustion (eg a campf (MORE)
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What to do in a fire?

call for help and donot go to the kitchen If the fire is small,use a fire extinguisher. If you are by yourself or cannot control it with a small extinguisher, leave the buildi (MORE)
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Fire fire fire?

fire! Fire, all fire, is a combination of 3 things: Fuel, Heat & Oxygen. If you remove any of these parts then you will not have fire. Fires burn because these three component (MORE)
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You are fired?

Well, "fired" just means that you lost your job due to poor skills, whether they be social, or communication, or just your work ethic in general. Being "let go" is a whole oth (MORE)
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What is fire a?

fire is what we call a fast oxidation. It makes the air so hot that the gasses in the air change colour to red and orange and ...
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Who is on fire?

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How do you get on fire?

to get set on fire you must add friction on cloth or a wool like sweater or pants or use a lighter or blow torch
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What can you do when there is a fire?

Be prepared before a fire ever occurs by finding a safe exit from your home or work. Be aware, as well, that the majority of fire related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation (MORE)
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What is firing?

The act of"firing" in ceramics involves applying a coat of mineralglaze to the dry clay surface , which when placed in a" kiln" (highheat oven for baking ceramics) a glossy or (MORE)