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Where is the Castle of Ordeal in Final Fantasy I?

The Castle of Ordeal is hidden on the Northern Continent, on a peninsula north east of the Cardia Islands. An easy way to find the castle is to sail or fly due north from the (MORE)
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What was the ordeal?

A test to find out of someone was guilty or innocent of something, where they had put their hand in boiling water, to pick up a pebble. If it had not healed, they were guilty, (MORE)

What are the types of trial by ordeal?

There were many different ways, but the most commonly used was:Trial by Fire- The accused had to hold a red hot iron bar for three metres, and the suspects hand would be banda (MORE)

What is ordeal by fire?

Trial by Ordeal was a common method of establishing guilt or innocence in Church court cases under Canon Law and in certain cases under the king's law. The particular Ordeal i (MORE)

Where is the cave of ordeals in Legend of Zelda?

    Once you get to the Gerudo Mesa (and after a cutscene with Midna) you can look to see a sotne pillar rising up from a hill in the distance (I think it's west in th (MORE)

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