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What is the ruling of Ordeal of a Traveler against Pendulum Monsters?

Pendulum Monsters are treated as regular monster cards in almost  every circumstance. They have a special rule that allows them to be  activated as spell cards, but until th (MORE)

Where is the Castle of Ordeal in Final Fantasy I?

The Castle of Ordeal is hidden on the Northern Continent, on a peninsula north east of the Cardia Islands. An easy way to find the castle is to sail or fly due north from the (MORE)
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What was the ordeal?

A test to find out of someone was guilty or innocent of something, where they had put their hand in boiling water, to pick up a pebble. If it had not healed, they were guilty, (MORE)

What are the types of trial by ordeal?

There were many different ways, but the most commonly used was:Trial by Fire- The accused had to hold a red hot iron bar for three metres, and the suspects hand would be banda (MORE)

What is ordeal by fire?

Trial by Ordeal was a common method of establishing guilt or innocence in Church court cases under Canon Law and in certain cases under the king's law. The particular Ordeal i (MORE)

Where is the cave of ordeals in Legend of Zelda?

    Once you get to the Gerudo Mesa (and after a cutscene with Midna) you can look to see a sotne pillar rising up from a hill in the distance (I think it's west in th (MORE)