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What are fireballs made of?

Take a cloth of at least 12cm*3cm. Roll the cloth into a ball. Take a needle and a string, poke the needle through the ball and roll the string around the ball. You may use li (MORE)
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How do you make fireballs?

There are many different ways to make fireballs depending on theiruse. All ways are dangerous and proper protection should be taken.

Is lightning a fireball?

I believe you are thinking of Ball Lightning. Fireball is a broad term and could refer to the Sun, a star ( which the sun is) or even an explosive accident involving say, expl (MORE)
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How do you eat a fireball?

Umm you put it on your mouth and just wait and if u camt hold it get skme water in a cup put ur tongue tio in tje water with the fireball in ur mouth hope it helped

What is a lightning fireball?

"Ball lightning" is a a slow moving "Ball" of highly charged static electricity that usually grounds itself out before traveling too far of a distance. Horizontal travel as we (MORE)

Were is fireball skyrim?

If you are referring to the spell 'Fireball' then you can buy that from any court wizard in a main city for e.g. in Solitude you can buy it from the Court Wizard in the Blue P (MORE)
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Can fireballs be green?

Certainly, many early UFO"s were of this type and may have been meteors or some natural cosmic phenomena, ( Green Fire Balls) are well-documented in the UFO literature.