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Is Fireflight a Christian band?

Yes, Fireflight is an American Christian rock band. Their songs are featured in the Wow Hits Collection, including Wow Hits 2010 (Forever).
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What makes a fireflighter glow in the dark?

First of all, you need to say what a fireflighter is, but I think it glows by chemicals in the body (if you mean a firefly) and they are signaling for a mate. Hope that helps ( Full Answer )
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Who is Fireflight?

Fireflight is a Christian Rock that was formed by Justin Cox and Glenn Drennenin 1999. The band that contains these members: . Dawn Michele (Lead vocals) . Justin C ( Full Answer )
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Who are all the Fireflight band members?

Dawn Michele Richardson , who sings lead vocals Justin Cox , who plays guitar and sings backing vocals Wendy Drennen , who plays bass and sings backing vocals Glenn D ( Full Answer )
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Will fireflight have another CD?

Yes, they will. It comes out in February 2010. When you get it , listen to the song desperate. Rock on, Fireflight!!!!! :)
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Is Fireflight a Christain band?

Yes, Fireflight is an American Christian rock band. Please see related links for more information.
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What are some songs sung by Fireflight?

1. Unbreakable 2. For Those Who Wait 3. Fire In My Eyes 4. Desperate 5. Forever 6. All I Need To Be 7. Core of My Addiction 8. Recovery Begins 9. What I've Overcome 10. Go Ahe ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to Forever by Fireflight?

Sometimes I feel so cold Like I'm waiting around all by myself Loneliness gets so old I'm in the lost and found sitting on the shelf Been stuck for way too long But I he ( Full Answer )
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What is the drummer's name in Fireflight?

Adam McMillion is the current drummer for Fireflight. He joined the band in February of 2011, replacing Phee Shorb.