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What is a firm?

firm n. 1. A commercial partnership of two or more persons, especially when unincorporated. 2. The name or designation under which a company transacts business. . 3. Any bu (MORE)

What does firm mean?

'Firm' as an adjective means: fixed, stable, steady, difficult to disturb or move, solid, compact, securely established, steadfast, staunch, unmovable, compact, constant, (MORE)

How can you get a firm butt?

Look for exercise programs that focus on the buttock area, not the thighs, such as the new Brazil Butt Lift from BEACHBODY
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Are breasts firm?

It depends on the breasts. Most are quite firm. A lot firmer than normal tissue but some are firmer than others.

What is nodal firm?

A company which possesses a central position in a network (e.g. a multilateral alliance) is called a "nodal firm".