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Who was the Roman procurator that had authority over Judea as the first Jewish revolt was taking shape?

Judea was governed by Roman procurators from 44 to 70. The eight  procurators of Judea were:  Cuspius Fadus (44-46),  Tiberius Julius Alexander (46-48),  Ventidius Cuma (MORE)

What caused the first Jewish revolt against the Romans in Jerusalem?

In the 1st century AD there was a Great Rebellion of the Jews of Judea, which has also been called the First Jewish-Roman War (66-73). There were long-standing tensions betwee (MORE)

How did Romans respond to Jewish rebellions?

They forbade Jews to live or even visit Jerusalem! The rebellions by Jews, like that by other national groups within the Roman Empire, were brutally suppressed. The most famou (MORE)

What Jewish state ended at the hands of the Romans?

The Hasmonean Kingdom, which was the last Jewish State in the Land  of Israel prior to the Modern State of Israel, was defeated and  conquered by the Romans in 37 BCE.
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Why did Jewish people resent roman rule?

The Jews resented Roman rule because it inhibited the liberties and freedom they would otherwise have had. Justice was cruel in those days and the Romans would take harsh meas (MORE)

Who commanded the Romans during the first Punic war?

During the period of the Roman Republic the Roman army was  commanded by the consuls, who were the two annually elected heads  of the Republic. As the First Punic War lasted (MORE)