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What is a firsthand biography?

A firsthand biography is a biography written as if by the person itis about. It can either be written by them or someone else writingit from their point of view.

What is firsthand biography?

if you are writting a firsthand biography about someone it's as ifthey were writing it(no he, or she, it's I) Answer2: A firsthand biography reveals a person's characterist (MORE)

What were firsthand accounts of d day?

There were thousands of first hand accounts of D-Day, many used in books . Look at WW2 in your library, you will find lots about D-Day.

What actors and actresses appeared in Firsthand - 2003?

The cast of Firsthand - 2003 includes: Megan Abubo as herself Donny Barley as himself Jamie Bestwick as himself Claire Bevilacqua as herself Ken Block as himself Aquil Brathwa (MORE)
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Who would write a firsthand account about the sinking of the titanic?

There were two prominent books and many newspaper-and-magazineinterviews, The two books were by first-class Passenger ArchibaldGracie (who stood on overturned lifeboat B) and (MORE)