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If your fish get sick in fish tycoon what do you do?

A. If it is an inexpensive fish you can just throw it away. B. If you want, you can sell it. But be prepared to see thought bubbles of customers showing a smelly fish... it (MORE)

How many fish stories in the bible?

There are a few of them, Jonah in the belly of the fish, feeding the five thousand, and when the nets start breaking due to many fish. Actually, I have been looking for this (MORE)

How do you know if a fish is a fish?

If the creature/animal has scales and a fin then it is a fish. Whales have smooth skin so it's a mammal. Dolphins have smooth skin so it's a mammal try asking him. i hear mo (MORE)
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What fish can kill an Oscar fish?

Oscars are tough buggers and get pretty big the only thing that could kill a full grown Oscar is age or you. If you want to get rid of it which hopefully this is not why you a (MORE)
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What is a fish?

A fish is a living animal that retains oxygen from water and is  born with fins to swim with. There are many varieties of fish so  this answer is only the most basic informa (MORE)
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What fish are being over fished?

These are just a few: - Tuna - Sharks - Cod - Sword fish - Monkfish - Marlin - Mahi Mahi - Haddock - Grouper - Flownder - Halibut And hundreds of other species. The "seafood w (MORE)

Is the plural of fish just fish or fishes?

The plural of fish is fish. An example sentence is below for both singular and plural use. Singular: "Mark has a fish tank with one fish." Plural: "Susan's fish tank has t (MORE)

Which fish is known as the king of fishes?

The Shark is considered the King of the fishes because it is apparently the strongest.
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What do fish have to do with anything short story?

Willie saw a man in the street he had never seen before, his mother didn't want Willie talk or even look that man, because she says, he is sick of unhappiness. He want to know (MORE)

What fish can live with a molly fish?

I've always combined other Molly, Platys, Sword-tails, and Guppy.Like right now i added tetras (will become bossy including to other fish), and Tiger barbs (they pretty much k (MORE)