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How do you fit a crank shaft censor on a rover 75 diesel as it is intermitantly not starting?

To fit take off the plastic cover which covers the engine and if facing the engine from the front its top left hand corner all you need is small star(allen type) screw driver (MORE)

How do you fit in?

  The best way to fit in is to learn more about who you are first. Once you discover your talents, interests, strengths, weaknesses, passions, values, beliefs, and so on y (MORE)

Audi Key fob wont open doors but still starts the car theres new batt fitted?

  Resetting the remote control The remote control must be reset if the vehicle does not unlock. - If the vehicle is locked, open the driver's door with the mechanical (MORE)
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What is Fitness?

good physical condition; being in shape or in condition    Fitness includes five essential components, flexibility,  cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance, mus (MORE)
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If you are on a diet and your clothes are starting to fit better why wouldn't the scales show much difference?

If you are excercising, you are gaining muscle and may not lose a lot of weight, but will slim down. If you aren't excercising, then it could be for the basic same reason. You (MORE)

Why does a car not start when a new battery and starter motor have been fitted?

  Answer   Answer Just because a Battery is new doesn't mean that it's fully charged and some starters are known to fail, the way you can find this out if either h (MORE)
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How to get fit?

6 High Fiber Foods   An essential component in your daily diet, fiber is important  for digestive health. It makes you feel full and helps with weight  loss. Fiber also (MORE)

What are some name suggestions that start with D and fit for dragon?

Danimila. Devankavo. Druniplin. Darisarsa. Diobotko. Drallmentank. Decadio. ??? I don't think you know what you're talking about. Take it from a real dragon, there are names (MORE)