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What are five facts about the element iron?

okay well... (I'll give you more than 5 in case some of them aren't good enough) 1. its in roughly 6% or earths crust and nearly all of its core 2. it can be found in brea (MORE)
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What are the five elements that unite a culture?

the five elements that unite a culture are 1. a common language 2. a common moral code 3. a common legal code 4. common religious privelages 5. a representative government

What five elements affect climate?

Wind(movement of air), humidity(amount of water vapor in the air), latitude(distance from N or S pole), elevation(distance from sea level), and landforms in the area(distinct (MORE)

Five elements of romanticism?

Elements of Romanticism1. Frontier: vast expanse, freedom, no geographic limitations. 2. Optimism: greater than in Europe because of the presence of frontier. 3. Experimen (MORE)