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What does reel mean?

Means to lure or capture and bring something in, like reeling in a fish after you've caught it. It is also a device used for storing wound cotton, cable, fishing line etc. It (MORE)

How do you use a head demagnetizer for a reel to reel tape recorder?

Remove all guards on the deck to expose the tape heads. Plug in and switch on the demagnetizer several feet away from the tape heads. Bring the demagnetizer towards the heads (MORE)

What does reeled mean?

Hi.   I think reeled means when you pull something in. Like you might say to someone 'How did you catch that fish?' and they will maybe say 'I reeled it in using my fishing (MORE)

What is name of five fingers of a hand of human body?

  A normal human doesn't have five fingers on one hand. You only have four because you call you pinky the pinky finger and you call your ring the ring finger, you call the (MORE)

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How do you load a reel to reel tape machine?

It depends on which machine you are using. On my machine it is easy. I have a Teac A-4010S. I just got it yesterday, but I put the full reel on the left, and the empty reel on (MORE)
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Possible hands in a five-card poker game?

  Name Ex. Odds*     Royal Flush Ac Kc Qc Jc 10c 1:650,000     Straight Flush 3d 4d 5d 6 (MORE)

What is the measure of the angle formed by the hands of a clock where the hour hand is at five and the minute hand is at 12?

Let's work it out.     A clock face is a circle.     A circle has 360 degrees.     It also has 12 hour marks.     How many degrees per hour mark? (MORE)