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What is a reasonable price to fix a 3-ton AC that has a leak?

  Answer   This is a very subjective question that requires you to provide more information.     Where is the leak   How do you know it is leaking   Wha (MORE)

What is the average price to fix a radiator leak in a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

If its a small leak, grab a egg crack it in a glass and break up the yolk. Pour the whole thing in your radiator then start the car and let it idle for about ten minutes. Note (MORE)

What are the common characteristics of fixed price contracts?

In a fixed priced contract, the contractor accepts all the risks and benefits associated with cost. Should there be cost over-runs, for example, the contractor is contractual (MORE)
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How is price fixed in contract of sale?

A fixed-price contract is a contract where the amount of payment does not depend on the amount of resources or time expended, as opposed to a cost-plus contract which is inten (MORE)

Why would a group of companies cooperate in price fixing?

In competition, each company tries to get a price advantage to  increase sales by making prices lower than the competition. They  would try for a greater market share of the (MORE)