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What is flac file and which program opens it?

FLAC, stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It's a Lossless codec,  which means that the resulting data from a transcode be  exactly/close to same as the original.    (MORE)

How do you convert FLAC to MP3?

You could either use a 'front end' programme like ALL2LAME or Multi frontend.     For frontend programmes to work, normally will need both the lossless codec (e.g. Fla (MORE)

Do FLAC files work in iTunes?

Yes, but its very very limited. You need the "Xiph components for QuickTime", but its not really worth doing. Because that will only let you play flac files that are in an 'og (MORE)

How do you open flac files on mac?

  Theres quite a few media players for OS-X that support .flac. Mplayer, VLC, Cog al have native .flac support. iTunes can play flac files, with a utility called 'fluk (MORE)

Is flac same as tqmp?

TQPM stands for the Quality Music Project. They tend to promote  high quality music in the best quality format which is most of the  time the FLAC format. Other quality form (MORE)

What is FLAC format?

Free Lossless Audio Codec. As the name implies, there is no loss of sound quality. Beware, you'll need a FLAC player to hear them, as an iPod will usually only play .M4A & .AL (MORE)